Sports Premium

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Sporting Futures

In collaboration with our classroom teachers, sporting futures provide our children with high quality PE lessons. These subject specialists, work with teachers to plan and deliver the best possible sessions for the children of St John’s. By using subject specialists, this ensures that our children receive a high standard of teaching whilst also allowing our staff to develop their own subject knowledge.

Stockton School Sports Partnership

As part of the Stockton School Sports Partnership Gold Package, our children are able to compete in a variety of sporting events against other children from local primary schools. These events include, football, rugby, cross country running, netball and a host of other activities. There is also the opportunity to progress to further district and county finals. With the sustainable future for sports in the school in mind, there is the opportunity for staff, to attend a number of professional development courses, to further enhance their subject knowledge and ensure that our children have access to the highest standards of sports teaching. In collaboration with the partnership, St John’s have been awarded Gold in the Schools Sports Games.

School Sports Clubs

During the academic year, we offer a variety of After School sports clubs; these are very well attended and introduce more formal training sessions outside of the curriculum. These are ran by local coaches, this means that children are then met by that familiar face on their first visit to clubs which helps them to ease them into a new setting. Teachers also hold sports clubs to help develop skills for different sports, games and competitions away from the curriculum.


Inter – House Sports

At the centre of our school's mission for PE, we must be mindful of the competitive nature of the world in which our children will grow up in. It is with that in mind, that we also have an inter house sports programme that allows our children the opportunity to compete in a fun and friendly environment but also promotes the values of team work, perseverance and resilience.


In order to provide the very highest standards of PE we feel that it very important to have quality sports equipment for our lessons and after school clubs. These resources are checked and replenished on a yearly basis.