School Dinners

Our school meals are prepared off-site and delivered onto site by Priors Mill School Cook.

Our lunch break is from 12.00 noon to 1.00 p.m. and children may have a school meal or bring a packed lunch. No glass bottles please.

School meals are available each day in the school hall. The price is £2.20 per day (which equates to £11.00 per week). Payments are online at

Children can also bring a packed lunch as an alternative to the cooked meal but are not allowed to chop and change between school meals and packed lunches. Ideally, whatever you decide at the beginning of each term should remain in force until the beginning of the next term. Your co-operation in these matters will be greatly appreciated.

Packed lunches should ideally contain healthy options. They should not include glass bottles or sweets of any description.

Free School Meal Application Form

Menus (January - March 2021)

Menu Week 1 (Jan - March 2021)

Menu Week 2 (Jan - March 2021)

Menu Week 3 (Jan - March 2021)

Menu Week 4 (Jan - March 2021)

Menus (April - July 2021)

Menu Week 1 (April - July 2021)

Menu Week 2 (April - July 2021)

Menu Week 3 (April - July 2021)

Menu Week 4 (April - July 2021)