Attending school is an important part of a child’s development, St. John’s School is a great place to come and learn.

“Every day counts”

Ready for new government guidelines, which state persistent absent threshold is raised from 85% to 90%, all parents will be informed if their child has below 90% and medical evidence must be provided for any future absences.  This is not necessarily a letter from your Doctor, but a stamped appointment card or prescription will do.

Do not use the text messaging service to inform us of a pupil absence, please ring.

LATENESS is becoming a big problem and it often counts as unauthorised absence.  We must sort this so your child is not embarrassed by walking in the classroom late, or losing valuable learning time and falling behind.  We also dislike having to chase you about lateness and attendance.

Remember, pupil doors close at 8.50 not 9.00.

(Nursery doors close at 9.00)

Please click on the documents below to access more information about attendance

Attendance Matters

100% Attendance